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Thread: Auto-download cover artworks

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    Auto-download cover artworks

    Hello. Would be great if foobar2000 would have a function to download cover artworks from internet. Also that would be great for desktop version as well.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Auto-download cover artworks

    One vote plus, from me. I listen radio more of the time, this days, and great will be to download cover art for radios stations too.
    Greetings for the great player, I'm fan from the beginning of the foobar!

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    Re: Auto-download cover artworks

    I support this too, make this happen, devs!!

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    Re: Auto-download cover artworks

    Would be great! I fully support!

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    Re: Auto-download cover artworks

    Actually I'd object: If you make your own collection, also add a (properly rescaled and optimized) cover image manually; if you download tracks, the tracks should have a cover image. Most cover images are way too big. Despite of that the display size varies a lot from small mobiles to large tablets. How should FB2K handle it?

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    Re: Auto-download cover artworks

    I'd like to have this feature too

    My vision how to deal with pic size vs screen resolution:
    I suppose it is possible to get current screen resolution, so it easy to rescale the picture to proper size based on it

    +a bit more detailed need:
    once new track started to play first time - local image should be set by default
    if few images available - it should be possible to easily (from the main screen?) select one of them and the choice should be remembered
    add option to allow download images from internet with sub options 1) only when no image available locally, 2) always - once it chosen and when local image is present - few samples should be proposed besides the local image(s)

    Thanks a lot for a great product!
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