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Thread: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

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    Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    I just got back to Android after 6 years of iOS only. I also would like to use my favorite audio manager again. It's nice to see that there is mobile Version of Foobar available. My question is now, how do I sync my music with the app? Problem is, that I move around my music A LOT since i'm getting promos and the like a a daily basis. In my desktop I use the software BeyondCompare to sync several directories. Is it possible to do this with Foobar mobile? Since on an Android you have access to your file system I could easily sync two folders. Is Foobar mobile storing it's files in a fixed location on the phone and is it capable of adding files to its mobile app when this folders' contents are changed by syncing?

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    Re: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    Come on, i can't be the only one with this question in this community. Or just tell me, that this isn't possible at the moment, that i can look for another solution without Foobar.

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    Re: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    There's a guide here to sync to mobile via wifi. There's also a download function. You may want to take a look.

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    Re: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    Since noone is giving a damn about my question, i'm a happy user of MusicBee since yesterday. Flawless syncing included and a great and fast GUI.

    Congrats to this great and supporting community. Over and out.

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    Re: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    Thanks for waiting a whole two weeks before noticing that the developer staff is not right on top of every feature request and departing. I probably could have replied to your initial request with a notice that I read it, but wouldn't be doing anything about it any time soon, since I'm not a reliable member of the development team. Peter isn't on top of feature requests like this at the moment, either, because he's still busy implementing the base functionality of the player across three different platforms, and working out the numerous bugs that seem to crop up when maintaining such a cross platform endeavor.

    If you'd waited, you could have seen such features as I was supposed to be working on, like streaming audio directly from Dropbox, but I haven't a clue how to implement that with the current design anyway. There's supposed to be some OAuth2 code in there now, but I'm not sure how one causes it to pop up the standard browser interface on all three platforms for authentication with Dropbox. Barring that, I could have exposed Dropbox folders to yet another abstract, a folder browser controller, and let the user pick playlists or folders which are periodically monitored for new files. Knowing me, this probably could have taken months or even a year to get off the ground if I were the sole driving force behind it.

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    Re: Best solution for daily mobile syncing?

    Thank You Kode64

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