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Thread: SMB Network.

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    SMB Network.

    Hello, im testing a "Seagate Wireless Mobile 500gb hard drive", with Flac files in 24 bit 192khz through SMB network source in another player with good results.

    "Seagate Wireless Mobile 500gb hard drive" can transfer from 2.4 MB/s (5 meters) to 0.4MB/s (25 meters).

    Can Foobar2000 mobile add SMB Network? (Like Neutron or Kodi do).

    iPod touch 6th generation.
    Fiio L19 digital cable.
    Fiio E18 (Dac&Amp).
    Shure SRH940 headphones.
    Seagate Wireless Mobile 500gb Hard drive.

    Best regards, Adrin.

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    Re: SMB Network.

    i haven't been abe to do so, but i'd love it

    i don't want local storage; i want wireless server streaming of my flac stash on my local qnap nas, so i can bluetooth it to my good speakers using a nexus as the interface

    help us, obe wan !

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    Re: SMB Network.

    Im using Neutron Player (by now) until Foobar get an SMB network.

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    Re: SMB Network.

    I would also like to see FTP access so I can access my NAS via WAN

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    Re: SMB Network.

    SMB access is on the todo list but don't expect it anytime soon.
    FTP client is already implemented. Just enter FTP address in 'media servers' configuration.

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    Re: SMB Network.

    okay. i've been trying FTP and http for a while now and still cant get it to work. maybe i'm not following the proper syntax. is it...

    I can get Webdav and ftp work on everything else except foobar for some reason. i wish getting this to work was easier

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