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Thread: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

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    Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    I'm always into the metro UI and I've made a skin based on the style. I've replaced all the icons including the ones on the main page with the ones designed for Windows 10. One thing that's I really missed from all other customized skins is the volume slider, so I've put the volume slider in landscape modes. I also fit in the repeat button and shuffle button. It's the first skin I've ever made, hopefully you guys would enjoy it. Any suggestions for improving it or if anyone is also interested in the light theme, just let me know and I'll make that, too.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Skin Download Link (Onedrive):!Ag9Ihi-uaV7fgYPVYqddMT9LkzBgCEQ

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    Have just updated to fix a small bug from previous version about menu press image becoming white. Download link stays the same with updated version.

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    thanks ! love this simple yet clever UI!

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    Looks great! thanks.

    Any way to get a light version of this?

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    I'm currently very busy, and for light version I have to rework all the icons which would take some time. As soon as I finished the work in hands, I'll start working on it.

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Dark Theme)

    Great! I will check back this thread time to time. Thank.

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