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Thread: Skin: Metro UI (Light Theme)

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    Skin: Metro UI (Light Theme)

    Here is the light theme of Metro UI as promised.

    The dark theme goes here:

    I couldn't find a way to modify the dark theme thread so that it could display both, so I created a thread. I saw some other threads that goes pages of pages with new skins, but I found that the later skins, which though are definitely cooler, are harder to be discovered.

    Hope you like it.

    Here are the screenshots for the light theme:

    Skin Download Link (Onedrive):!Ag9Ihi-uaV7fgYPWOW6lVckzVrP8Nd4

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Light Theme)

    Much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Light Theme)

    I've updated the skin for the new FB2M version 1.0.55, adding icons for new image entries under Settings screen. Also I've lightened the menu text color for better look. The download link stays the same.

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    Re: Skin: Metro UI (Light Theme)

    Hello davidsunsbk,

    I was wondering/hoping for a matching skin for the PC Windows 10 Application. I'm sure the users of Windows and MacOS would appreciate a cohesive experience with matching themes across all platforms. I don't know how to hack stuffs like this, so I'd be unable to help, or I would definitely lend a hand if you needed one. I don't know your availability/interest in this, and, If I missed finding a skin that's already finished, I'd like to know where to find it. I just started using foobar 2000 today. Refugee from MediaMonkey here.


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