Hello and thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

We're sorry that we did not meet the intended goal. We wish to do the project anyway. We'll have to do with whatever resources we have and cut on the stuff that costs us most to run. For now we keep the fundraiser running - hopefully we'll get closer to the original plan this way.

During the original fundraiser period, I took the liberty of preparing original foobar2000 codebase for porting to other platforms - in particular, migrating media library & playlists storage to SQLite instead of FPL files.
This should deal with:
- file rewrites on app close - undesired with flash storage on mobile devices
- being prone to configuration corruption - a consequence of the former
- search performance on slow CPUs - old foobar2000 for Windows uses no search indexes at all, the new one will correct this

These changes are currently implemented & tested under Windows, but they're explicitly incompatible with the foobar2000 v0.x/v1.x plug-in architecture and will become a part of foobar2000 mobile.

Alpha versions will be made available once they're ready-enough for consumption. Stay tuned for further updates.