There are a LOT of different ways of sorting the tracks on f2k mobile, but if you want a list of all tracks, you either have a choice of selecting 'browse -> title' for a sorted list, or 'browse -> shuffle' for a list with random order. Since I often use my iPhone as an mp3 player on the go, I like to simply 'fire and forget' some track, but none of the current lists are really suited for what I have in mind.

It is especially useful if you want to quickly select by author without browsing by the actual author - if you want to later change what's playing, you need to go to 'artist -> all tracks -> choose a track' and it's more clicks than I'd like.

Here's a comparison of the current system (browse by title) and the one I'd like to see from the windows Foobar2k (browse by author + title). It's essentially sorting all tracks by author in one list and I'd wager more usable than just 'browse by title': http://imgur.com/a/L1LRq

Thank you for your time