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Thread: flac sacd 24 bit?

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    flac sacd 24 bit?

    Does the android mobile version support flac sacd 24 bit playback?

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    Re: flac sacd 24 bit?

    Sure, it'll play 24 bit FLAC files, but they'll come out 44100/16 just like any other app that uses the stock apis for playing audio through the system sound hardware.

    You'd also be better off using Wavpack 5 for your SACDs, since it natively supports DSD format. It compresses nearly as well as the commercial DST compression, and also decodes about 6-10 times faster, as in fast enough to run on your mobile device. Of course, you'll have to turn your SACD ISOs into uncompressed DSDIFF or DSF format, either individual tracks or full image plus CUE, for WavPack to process.

    Of course, the mobile app won't support your whole CD file+cue rips yet anyway, so maybe better just to stick with making lossy PCM conversions for your portable devices. Unless, you know, you miss the days of only being able to fit a handful of albums on your devices.

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