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Thread: Help...Google Drive access without Upnp (iOS/Mac)

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    Help...Google Drive access without Upnp (iOS/Mac)

    Has anyone found a solution to cloud storage access without some form of streaming/tethering/UPNP?

    Currently I use the app "Flacbox" because I can directly access my Google Drive from inside the app without any type of tethering/UPNP.

    Now that I am getting into DSD and using ReplayGain, I want to use Foobar mobile but I haven't found a way to access my Google Drive through Foobar mobile without having to UPNP, which requires me to keep my computer at home on and running.

    The only thing I can think of would be to forego using Google Drive and get a Network Attached Storage device then UPNP into that. But then I'm limited by my own ISP data speeds as well as my iphone's current connection over LTE or whatever signal I'm getting at the time. Which, when dealing with large audio files, would not be the best option.

    Having to keep my computer on to access files that are already cloud based seems kind of redundant and stupid. Can anyone help solve this?
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