This is the default save music folder immediately preceding "Music on Internal Storage" folder when browsing in foobar2000 app on my Galaxy S7.
I downloaded some music folders into the "foobar2000 music folder".
I can access them fine, and the files play without any problem.
However, I can't determine the exact location of the "foobar2000 music folder" in the file structure of my phone.
When I try to delete a sub-folder by long press on the folder, the only options are "Decoding speed test" and "Create a new playlist".
When folders are saved to "Music on Internal Storage" folder, when I long press, I get additional options to "Delete" and "Rename"
I no longer save music to the "foobar2000 music folder", but I'd like to find a way to delete the sub-folders in this folder since they are obviously taking up space on the phone's hard drive.
Thanks for your help.