Hi everybody,

Long-time user of foobar (Windows), complete newbie for foobar (Android).
So far foobar seems to work : it detects, scans and indexes my music library on my SD card (about 1400 files).

Here's my problem :

My music folder contains 4 big subfolders, each with one type of music.
The hierarchical structure of every subfolder is always the same : artist 1-n > album 1-n > song 1-n
Audio files are always at the last hierarchical level.

I'd like to create 4 playlists, one for each big subfolder.
For that, I first create a playlist, then I browse my music in order to add songs to it.
Unfortunately, I only see the option "add to playlist" when the folder I've selected has music directly in it.
That means I can't just select one of my big subfolders and make a playlist with all music that's recursively contained in it.

How can I achieve this ? Thanks.