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Thread: Add lyrics

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    Add lyrics

    Hoping there will be a way to add lyrics maybe even add lyric show panel 3 somehow to mobile

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    Re: Add lyrics

    +1 to that!

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    Re: Add lyrics


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    Re: Add lyrics

    I hope so too

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    Re: Add lyrics

    I would love this option too.
    Some songs just need to be sung along.

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    Re: Add lyrics

    I want it too, and better be able to support LRC

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    Re: Add lyrics

    want it... no, NEED IT&*65281;

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    Re: Add lyrics

    As long as it works with MusixMatch app, then no need to add a separate function within right?

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    Re: Add lyrics

    I think you mean display lyrics. I take 'add lyrics' to mean add lyrics to file tags.

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    Re: Add lyrics

    Me too!

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