Using Samsung Prevail and Lenovo Win 10 PC. Both are connected to my FIOS WiFi.

I recently bought a new PC but Foobar Mobile still displays the old PC's folders when I select: Browse - UPnP Media Servers* - Local Network - Media Library - Folders.

When I select the page the options are Playback, Media Library and Playback Stream Capture.

All work except Media Library which lists two folders from my old PC. No folders from the new PC are listed. You can select them and follow the file tree down to individual song files but selecting a song gets an error (of course) since there is no file to play. How do I remove them and get foobar2000 to see my current music folders?

I tried deleting foobar's data in the phone and deleted the old foobar2000 before upgrading but it didn't help.

Any suggestions?

Thank you