Hello, my problem seems very specific. To explain, I'll describe 2 situations.

Situation 1:
-Iphone 6 with foobar2000;
-flac files stored on iPhone, on "foobar2000 music folder", which was loaded via iTunes;
-when playing files in the phone, the screen shows cover image on the upper part of screen, and at the bottom: Composer, Title, Album, Track Artist, which is great!
For me, as I am a classical musician, the composer is the most important info, and I was very happy that foobar2000 was reading this tag!

However, because my library is very large, I would like to use the upnp server feature. So I did Situation 2:
-Windows 10 wih foobar2000 and UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point addin installed;
-the same flac files on PC, streamed to i phone 6 via upnp local network;
-when playing the flac files on iphone using this configuration, the screen shows only Title, Album, Track Artist (the space where composer should be is blank).

I think it is strange that the composer tag is not read via upnp, but it is read ok if stored on the phone. Looks more like a bug to me. Could you, please, check?