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Thread: [Android] Issues with .minigsf and .2sf

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    [Android] Issues with .minigsf and .2sf

    I've encountered a few small issues with .Minigsf and .2sf playback. I'll just get right to it:

    "Infinite looping" is very finicky, and does not work if foobar2000 is in the background. However, the song will continue to play the loop in the background if you've already played past the timestamp first, then switch to another app. To make a minigsf file (which is sequenced) loop infinitely, all you need to do is click the loop icon in the player. Then, when the song reaches the end of the timestamp, it will continue to play, looping past the normal timestamp. The problem is it is very, very finicky. Often it will just skip to the next song rather than loop, even if you restart the song with looping enabled. I find it is significantly more reliable if you seek to the near-end of the song first, then let it play over. If I do that, the loop will continue as normal. Usually, anyway.

    I should note that, unlike minigsf, infinitely looping 2sf's is very reliable and will work even if foobar2000 is running in the background. However, it is impossible to seek. If you attempt to seek in a .2sf file while it is playing, foobar2000 will crash. I do not know how foobar2000 is decoding .2sf's, but even if the nature of the decoding method prevents you from seeking at all, it would be nice for this to fail gracefully, such as disabling seeking for 2sf's altogether, or otherwise prevent the entire app from crashing.

    I know I may have rambled on a bit, but I wanted to be detailed. Here's a brief summary of the two main issues:
    • Infinitely looping .minigsf files (via the normal "loop" button) is very unreliable. It will never work when foobar2000 is in the background, and it doesn't always work even if it is in the foreground. Infinite looping can be achieved with more reliability by seeking within the .minigsf audio first, then letting the loop play past the displayed time stamp.
    • 2sf files cannot be seeked through. If this is attempted, the entire app will crash.

    I'm only working with .minigsf's and .2sf's, but it is entirely possible that some of these issues also occur with other sequenced formats. If a developer working on fixing this needs me to help test anything, I will be more than happy to do so.

    My device is the LG V20, running Android 7.0. I'm using version 1.0.55 of the app, which was published to the Play Store on December 21st, 2016.

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