Foobar2000 server: 1.3.14 with foo_upnp 0.99.49

Client: Foobar mobile newest [Android]

steps to produce:

1) Edit foo_upnp's streaming profile to disable all the conversions:


For the purpose of test, you need to disable WAV stream as well:

2) Then, create a playlist with various formats of audio. I tested flac, mp3 and m4a (aac).

3) Try to access this playlist on foobar mobile via UPnP server.

Expected: You should see all three tracks and be able to playback them. After all, if you hard copy them to the phone, foobar are totally capable to play all of them..

What actually happened:

You can't even see the m4a file in foobar2000 mobile, let alone to play it:

However, you can see and play it in BubbleUp

foo_upnp: opened 'file://C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\&*12399;&*12435;&*12406;&*12435;&*19981;&*24605;&*35696;.m4a' for streaming