Well long time no update, and I did not manage to implement everything that I had planned for version 1.1 yet, but the development of foobar2000 mobile isn't dead, just other things have been taking priority over it.

Version 1.1 beta for Android and iOS are being prepared. However iOS one might take a while to get thru and their review system will be offline over the holidays.
1.1 changes so far:
  • All: Added Equalizer DSP
  • All: Up to date with latest foobar2000 desktop decoder codebase
  • All: Updated DUMB module decoder to latest
  • All: Rewritten media server browser, now integrated with user-specified server management, removed now obsolete media servers settings page
  • iOS: New way of flipping between playback / browse screens.
  • Android: Required system version is now Android 4.0 (API 14)
  • Android: Implemented drag&drop reordering in playlists and DSP manager
  • Android: More FiiO device compatibility hacks