Hello everyone.
As the thread title says, I can't seem to access my desktop UPnP server from my Android phone while on a different network.
I'm using foobar2000 v1.3.11 on Windows 7, I've set up the UPnP server with the BubbleUPnP plugin, and I'm accessing it through foobar2000 mobile v1.0.55 lite, on Android 6.0.
While both devices are on the same network, everything works just fine. But my main goal was to have remote access to my library, so I allowed "Internet access" on the UPnP settings, and added the UPnP server on f2k mobile as the settings suggested:
<login> being a user-set name,
<pass> being a user-set password,
<ip> being my public IP address, and
<port> being the HTTP port I chose for UPnP.
But after that I'm lost. Should the server show up automatically on my UPnP servers list on f2k mobile?
I've already forwarded the port on my router and tested to see if it was actually open, everything seems to be in order.
What am I not doing or doing incorrectly?