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Thread: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    Quote Originally Posted by funkyass View Post
    and for those that don't realize they have volume buttons on their phones.
    Some Business 101 for you...

    When designing and marketing a product, you typically aim the product at a target audience. The target audience might not have been pinned down 100% by the foobar mobile devs just yet. However, I think it is fair to say that people who don't realize they have volume buttons on their phone are NOT in the target audience of a foobar product.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    If I didn't have control over what the volume rocker buttons did, the app sure wouldn't feel like foobar2000 to me.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    Usefulness of volumebar is questionable on a mobile phone. I'd use it on a Tablet (windows RT) but not a phone. I don't necessarily object to having it though, especially since it can be hidden.

    Glad to see that the ModernUi design philosophy seems to be incorporated a bit, but it needs improvement, if only for the windowsphone version.

    I have one major objection: a swiping gesture for previous/next track is absolutely superior to a button approach. You'd be better served by swiping to the left/right for next/previous (in that order), up and down for volume, tap screen for playpause (double tap for random track? configurable perhaps), and use on screen buttons for navigating pages.

    Playback control should be easily and lazily done on a mobile device. When I'm driving in my car I should be able to just swipe my phone's screen to change the track without having to look at it, much less aim for a specific object.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    One comment regarding the proposed playlist view on page 3.

    I think it would be nice to have a little symbol next to each item in the playlist. You can then move playlist items by touching the screen and dragging-and-dropping the item, conditional on beginning the dragging motion on the symbol.

    I hope this description makes sense. In other words, I like how the movement of playlist items is implemented, for example, in the app Poweramp. You can start dragging as soon as you touch the symbol next to the playlist item. To me, this is much more efficient than the popular alternative. The popular alternative is that you tap-and-hold a playlist item to activate drag-and-drop. You can only start to drag after holding the item for a second or two. I find this delay unsatisfying. It really slows down the re-arrangement of playlists.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    On the whole volume slider debate, I'm all in on removal, or at least makin it a hidden menu. On mobile device design screen real estate is everything! You can't use any on something that only has a little functionality and no real design purpose. But, having an option (show/hide sliders) in settings never hurt anyone.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Aelius on everything he has to say with regards to swiping. On the back of this I say there should be an option to remove prev, play and next buttons in favor of swiping. As far as I'm concerned the playback screen should be all about the album art! But again, I would like this to be an option in settings menu (all in on customization!).

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    I don't understand why the up or down arrows in the third sketch should save the playlist.
    I say we eliminate the volume bar and add in some more flexibility in terms of what information is shown on the three or four lines below the album art, somewhat akin to GoneMAD. Or maybe when the user clicks the volume buttons, the app 'takes over' and shows its own volume control slider that drops down, instead of the OSs. But having it always be there? Naw.
    (Also: hi everyone!)
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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    Why not the same kind of volume slider like in fb2k's status bar: just an icon, but then you tap it a slider opens. I think i saw such a slider in an music app.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    Just butting in to say that for WP the DSAudio app from Synology might be a good starting point, design wise, as it does a lot of things right IMO.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    I don't know the DSaudio app, but in regard to aesthetics it doesn't really fit to wp principles: many wp users would call the background with colour ingeredient ugly. I think former Nokia mix radio and Xbox music player represent what the user expect from a wp app.

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    Re: Phone Design Functionality Proposal 1

    Here another music app that matches aesthetically what we wp user expect. Please note that foobar2000 mobiles success on windows phone will be definetely higher if it correspondends to the typical wp designelines. The modern layout of apps should not be underrated.

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