Hi there!

English is not my native language, please excuse me if I am not expressing myself correctly. Also, I am absolutely not used to explain a bug I may have found.
I may have met a little bug with foobar mobile.

Here is the context:

Bug: Do not display the titles by "Album Artist /Album" - "Album" - "Title" - "Genre" - "Composer" - "Style" browse, but only one in the folder artist.
.......... Phone: Samsung A3 2016 A310M
.......... SD : Kingstone 128Gb
.......... MacOS system
.......... foobar2000 version 1.0.55
Bug's context:
.......... The titles may be in the internal memory and/or in the external memory, it will result the same.
.......... The titles may be in album folders which are in the artist folders (Artist\Album\Title) -> Bug ; The same titles may only be in the artists folder -> Bug ; This very same titles may directly be on the memory card -> Bug.
............... By "Bug", foobar will display only one title of one album of the artist.
............... For example: If I have 5 Albums ( of one artist, it will randomly display 1 title in the 1. album, another randomly title in the 2. album, etc

Exception of the bugs:
.......... Browsing by folder, and the titles are displayed.
.......... Searching the titles, and foobar finds them.
.......... Tools Options -> Media Library -> Rescan. If I am deleting a folder with one displayed title which is containing (let's say) 20 titles on the memory, and that I am pushing the Rescan button, foobar will say that there are 20 less titles in total.

Foobar knows exactly how much titles contains a folder. If the title does not have the track n, it will not display it.
All titles I have (no exception) have got tag's informations on Artist, title, album, year, genre, composer and artist (album), few have Disc N.

I have an Elvis Presley folder that has 23 titles. I first put them without any track number information. I checked directly after, and I remember seeing the 20 titles displayed in alphabetic order. After putting another folder of another artist, I did check another time the two folder, and this is when I saw the display bug.
I tried four times with different artists, others albums, it will have the same problem.

If you need screenshot, more information, please feel free to ask for!

Have a lovely day.