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    I love using Foobar2k on my workstation because of the great support for a wide variety of sound formats and the amazing query syntax for making unique and interesting playlists. I make use of a lot of custom tags so that I can make the maximum use of this feature.

    I would love for there to be a way to do so on the android version as well so that I can quickly make playlists for specific activities. Any chance that this is already a feature or could be a feature in the near future?

    Great work on the android version thus far, I enjoy using it as a replacement for Poweramp on my android phone.

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    Re: Query Syntax Auto-Playlists

    i would second this. right now i'm exporting my autoplaylists from the desktop version of foobar, modifying the m3u's to point to the right locations, and loading them into foobar mobile. it gets the job done, but it's a hassle due to the fact the playlists are no longer self updating so any time my library changes, i have to re-export, re-modify and re-transfer my playlists. to make matters worse, some non-roman alphabet characters (such as katakana and kanji) don't export properly from desktop foobar, which in turn means those songs just get skipped on foobar mobile.

    it would be great if i could just setup my autoplaylist queries once in foobar mobile and have it autoupdate for me as i add new music (or in the case of my "last 8 weeks" playlist, time elapses).

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    Re: Query Syntax Auto-Playlists

    I warmly support these Query Syntax Auto-Playlists.

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