I want to suggest something regarding playlist. First of my mp3's are in a single folder (e.g. Music) and inside that folder are you could say subcategories of different kinds of musics (e.g. folder named Instrumentals or folder named by different artist, etc.). If I want to play the entire Music folder, I wouldn't be able to do that. I tried doing this; I play a song from a folder then tap the three dots on the lower right then choose the option that's starts with More in:. Usually there are two More in: options; they are More in: genre and More in: artist name from the that was played. If i chose the genre all the songs that has the same genre will be shown. Meaning my music that has Instrumental genre wouldn't show up in the list. The first two on the top of that list are as follows All tracks and shuffle album. I tap and hold the All tracks option to create a playlist or add to a blank playlist that just created.Still that doesn't mean that all music from the Music folder are in that playlist. So, here is my suggestion can you guys add or optimise when adding mp3 to a playlist by letting a user add an entire folder that have subcategory folders inside to a playlist without missing any mp3 file. Or better yet, add an option whether to play an entire folder or open the folder that have subcategory folders inside.