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    WP8.1 FullHD

    Hello everyone,

    a big thank you to the devs for making this happen. I'm just glad there'll finally be my fav player on my phone also. I've been using fb2k exclusively on the big screen for ages so I'm glad this is happening!

    If I might add something to this wishlist, it would be to have FullHD support for the WP version. Many, or should I say most other apps fail to be adapted for this so they waste screen estate.

    Again, thank you~

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    I only have a Lumia 520, which has a 480x800 screen. Do be sure to recommend a phone with a FullHD screen. I'm hoping for some Lumia with a 20MP camera. And that camera would be the only selling point for personal use, as I refuse to use anything other than Android for day to day, since I have occasion to use tethering, and I refuse to actually pay my telco for that privilege.

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    Lumia 1520, has both FullHD screen and 20MP cam.

    I bought it and I'm pretty okay with it as my first phone with WP on it instead of android. BUT most apps aren't prepared for this so they waste lots of screen estate.

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    My bad. I want a 1020 for its 41MP camera. Would 720p be adequate for testing higher resolution's effects on app sizing? Or does it need to be a FullHD phone? I suppose I could wait for Nokia to incorporate that 41MP sensor into a FullHD model in the future.

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    What should I say, it doesn't _need_ to be anything, but if I look at the apps on my phone... most of them are adapted to 720p but on a 6" screen it still looks like kindergarten.

    Edit: Isn't there an IDE for WP so you can test apps without actually having the phone?! If I can be of any help for testing, I'll do what I can. (which is not much but still )
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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    Yes, of course there's an IDE, it's Visual Studio. We just need to have some forms of test hardware so we can run it through its paces.

    I just ordered a Lumia 1020 and a cover for it, so I can have the camera. It should also prove to be a powerhouse test device, while the 520 can be a lower end test device. And unlike that 1520 you mentioned, it will work with my existing MicroSIM card, whereas the 1520 would have needed a new NanoSIM to enjoy phone functionality.

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    Sooo... could I help you out in any way so that the world ends up with an 1080p capable fb2k? Sorry if I'm being a bit persistent here...

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    What is essentially different between 1080p and 768p as far as app development goes that cannot be adequately tested in a simulator? Do these applications waste screen real estate? Not enough resolution and they get scaled up in an ugly way?

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    Quote Originally Posted by kode54 View Post
    Not enough resolution and they get scaled up in an ugly way?
    That's the point. This touches font sizes and everything. When I think of a file listing in fb2k with supersized fonts or buttons that are large enough to tap with two or three fingers it seems like a waste. Or kindergarten. Or one of these phones for older people. ^_^;

    I don't know, is this something you could test in an IDE?!

    By the way, thank you for not being fed up with me... yet.

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    Re: WP8.1 FullHD

    Testing the actual resolution could be done in a simulator. Unfortunately, testing the actual effects on a real high DPI display requires a real high DPI display. Either a FullHD phone, or maybe a 4K monitor.

    Otherwise, testing smaller fonts on a 768p phone or such can lead to misjudging the readability of the text. Still, touch interactivity also becomes a problem, regardless of resolution. I abhor having to make precision touches to 2-3mm sized targets without a handy magnifier to pop open and increase my touch area around the target so I don't miss.

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