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Thread: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Please check 1.0.80 beta with a new "read-ahead buffer" toggle in advanced options; enabling that option should help with playback issues over network foobar2000 will try to keep several megabytes of data buffered ahead of current playback position.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Sorry to report...
    Tested over a few hours today with the new parameter active.
    V1.0.80 beta while a lot better better than v1.0.78 beta still:
    1.Takes between 10 and twenty seconds before a track plays after selecting it
    2. Pauses playing a track on average once or twice per track. Sometimes 30 seconds into it and sometimes a few minutes into the track. Track time stops then restarts when resuming not missing any time on the timer. ie pauses at 0:41 then when it resumes continues on from 0:41 onward till the next pause.
    Pause usually for 5 to 20 seconds.
    Tried also with OpenSL on and off. No change. But the new "read-ahead buffer" option certainly improved the issue but unfortunately there is still an inherent issue with the android build ( or some sort of incompatibility with the phone for whatever reason ).
    I also tried playing with a LAME 320kbps selection of music with the Samsung phone (at v1.0.80 beta ) just in case lossless files were possibly interfering in some way.
    Playing the LAME 320kbps music was from a USB drive via the ASUS routers USB3.0 port ( DLNA/UPnP) No change to the pausing problem when using the LAME 320kBPS version.
    Have reverted back to the iPad using Foorbar2000 at v1.0.76 beta which is sounding good.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    When you ask foobar2000 to download files from your music server, how long do they take to download? Does downloading take comparably long - or even longer than the playback time of those tracks?

    Are other apps on affected phones able to play your music without issues? Try BubbleUPnP for an example.

    I also use Asus routers personally and have mixed experiences with them.
    My office runs on RT-AC68U and it's the most stable thing ever, excellent range and throughput.
    A few months ago I bought RT-AC87U for my home - and it turned out to have been a horrible idea, after much hair loss and blasphemy I narrowed its extreme packet loss problems down to the 5 GHz band. Once I got all my devices on the legacy 2.4 GHz band, all my strange connectivity issues were gone. I now run the RT-AC87U with 5 GHz network disabled entirely. Perhaps you should cycle the affected devices between 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks of your router?

    I've just conjured up a similar bug on my own home setup-
    One of my devices drops wifi to ridiculously low speeds with a bluetooth headset active. Not just foobar2000 is affected - also web browser, Google Play, etc.
    Perhaps bluetooth being on/off is a factor to this?

    Note that there's no way foobar2000 mobile for Android networking behaves totally differently than its iOS counterpart, their network implementations are practically identical.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Thanks for the update.
    They did take a long time to load initially.
    Yes to date I have been running the wifi on the 5GHz band.
    The RT-AC88U has quite a very good coverage in and around my property but have been doing this testing no more than 10 metres from the router.
    You are right the 2.4GHz band loads the tracks faster.
    Will do more testing tomorrow and run it at 2.4GHz for a few hours and see how it goes.
    Although I have been using the iPad on the 5GHz band also..with none of the issues the android was experiencing as far as pausing was concerned.
    The 2.4GHz AND 5GHz band are using the same options/ parameters.
    I will also experiment with some of the parameters in the router such as beamforming etc on the 5GHz band and see if there is any effect.
    Maybe even try the WRT Merlin firmware.
    But certainly 2.4GHz with the android has had only one very short pause after playing for 45 mins but unfortunately I have other commitments tonight so will get back to it tomorrow but thought Id do a quick update.
    A step in the right direction though.
    One other thing I noticed that even at 2.4GHz if I'm playing a track and forward to the next track it does take about 5 or 6 seconds before the next track starts.
    Also I will go back to the separate wifi set up with the TP-Link WAP and remove the router from the equation. Have not tried this at v1.0.80 beta yet.
    Thanks again for your patience with this.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Was still getting a very occasional pause even on 2.4Hz over a few hours playing.
    The ASUS router was basically at default settings for the wifi except for SSID and password etc for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
    1. Made some changes to the settings of the ASUS RT-AC88u based on the following article that was not necessarily aimed at the model I'm using but generally for ASUS routers wifi:

    2.In addition I changed also Wireless menu >> Professional Tab >> Airtime Fairness after reading this article

    Many thanks to these guys. Got to love the good parts of the web.

    3. Also decided to use the ASUSWRT Merlin firmware 380.66_4.

    Music has been running with stability on 5Ghz for about 2 or 3 hours from the NAS through the ASUS router.
    Have not detected a pause so far even though it is using the 5GHz Wifi.
    Still using the OpenSL and read-ahead buffer setting on Foobar2k.
    But certainly the changes made to the router has made a vast improvement as far as the android is concerned at v1.0.80 beta.
    Will continue listening on android at v1.0.80 beta for the rest of the day.
    Will re test the iPad tomorrow and see if all is still ok at v1.0.76 beta.
    I am surprised that the iPad had no issues along the same lines as well but I guess that's trouble with so many dependent variables with regards to comms complexities.
    Probably why others have not been reporting the same issue with pausing.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Just updating..Played music for 7 hours total today without any pauses while playing from the android on the 5GHz band with the changes above.
    When I get a chance over the next few days I will see if the iPad Mini still works well with the current router changes.
    The original issue of not displaying all files is also ok at v1.0.80 beta also.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    iPad Mini at v1.0.76 beta running on the 5GHz bandwidth ran with no issues for 2 to 3 hours today.
    Thanks again

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