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Thread: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

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    Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Using Foobar2000 on an iPad or Samsung androiad phone.
    Music is FLAC lossless ripped via DBPoweramp and stored on a NAS.
    Can use other apps scan music files and all play with no problems using same NAS and FLAC files. ie mconnect or 8Player or Neutron etc.
    When using Foobar2k I select the NAS as my media server and select the folder where the FLAC music files and use the by folder option.
    Consistently the only files loaded are from artists A thru E does not go any further.
    Any ideas as to what may be the problem here or am I doing something wrong.
    Up to date version of iOS and Foobar2k as well as my Samsung phone.
    Have the same issue when trying this at a friends using their iPad and their NAS.
    I would like to use Foobar but it has been frustrating me.
    Number of tracks in music collection approx 41000.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    What NAS type is it?
    Any specific media server software running on your NAS?

    I presume you're using the NAS as UPnP server - auto discovered by foobar2000 mobile in Media Servers list without having to manually add anything.
    If your NAS supports FTP shares, you can manually enter the ftp://username:password@hostname/ address in Settings / Media Servers, which will provide an alternate way to browse your NAS content, hopefully without bugs.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Anyone with any ideas or experiencing the same issue?
    Consistently only loads folders ( music is in folders by artist ) from A Perfect Circle thru to Eurogliders.
    Always stops at Eurogliders. Next listed folder is Eurythmics in my FLAC file but Foobar2000 does not load this.
    NAS is Seagate Personal Cloud. 1.8 TB of FLAC.
    Foobar2000 can see the NAS and I can drill down to the music folder. Just does not load all.
    A lot of albums. Can play any of album from folders A thru to Eurogliders
    Unfortunately it leaves out all folders after this all the way to the last which is ZZ Top.
    Have tried changing / experimenting with various settings in Foobar2000 mobile to no avail.
    I also have the same music in ALAC format ( about 1.2TB ) on another NAS that has the same issue.

    All music ripped via DBPoweramp using the following settings:
    [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title]
    with DSP effects: RG Replay Gain, HDCD, Folder.jpg folder preserve.
    Hopefully something simple...
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Foobar2000 Mobile is Version 1.0.67 lite
    iPad Mini iOS is 9.3.5 (13G36 )
    Also decided to try the PC ( Win 10 ) version of Foobar2000 ( version 1.3.15 ) and loaded the same FLAC file. Seems to
    find all the artists/albums from A to Z no problem.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Thanks for the responses so far.
    Removed the Foobar2000 mobile app from the iPad Mini.
    Same issue.
    Could it be that I am using a Seagate Personal Cloud ( tried it on a Seagate Central as well..same issue )??
    Strange given the other music apps like mconnect or 8player have no such issue.
    Even running Foobar 2000 on a PC using the same NAS has no issue.
    Do not seem to be able to use the ftp method although I may be setting it up wrongly but surely DLNA or UPnP should work..
    Shame since I do like using it when I've played the albums it can see but unfortunately I would like to be able to choose anything within my entire library
    not just a third of them.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Perhaps there is a limit on how many items they serve per request - since they appear to give you first N items only. Foobar2000 mobile currently tries to get them all in one pass, instead of loading incrementally like some other clients do.

    I'll attempt to fix this for the next foobar2000 update.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Added attempted fix in version 1.0.76. You've been added to iOS beta testers, you will be able to install 1.0.76 beta through the testflight app when it gets approved. Please report back if it helps once you get it.

    Edit: I presumed that your Apple account name is the same as your email address used for forum registration. If it is different, please drop me a private message the correct address to add.

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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    v1.0.76 beta loads all the music files via DLNA off the NAS. Only thing I had to do was redo all the settings.
    Will play music via Foobar2k mobile and see how it goes.
    Works with both the Seagate Personal Cloud that has lossless FLAC and the Seagate Central (that has the same number of artists/albums except that it is in lossless ALAC format).
    All my music files were ripped via DBPoweramp into 3 formats at the same time..FLAC, ALAC and LAME320kbps. LAME for the car. Why I did multiples...good idea when I started..
    So far so good.
    Any chance of a v1.0.76 for my Samsung android phone and see how that goes?
    Many thanks.
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    Re: Foobar2000 Mobile not showing all music files

    Thanks for confirming.

    I've added you to Android beta as well - go to http://foobar2000.org/test-android to start receiving Android betas.

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