I'm on Android 7

1. I need to launch foobar2000 and press home button to keep foobar running. if I tap back twice to exit foobar, foobar won't play/start when bluetooth or wired earphone is connected (advanced option already checked start playback when earphone is plugged in). it looks like foobar doesn't tell Android that it's a music player and doesn't tell Android that it can be a player when bluetooth device conencts

2. metadata (title, album, artist...etc) are displayed properly during bluetooth playback on the screen, but foobar stops displaying/sending meta data on some of the pause and resume

3. with all other music players, they pause playback when I power down or unplugged earphone such that playback resumes when I power up and reconnect the earphone. However, foobar simply restart the song in this situation