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Thread: SD card issue since latest update [Android]

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    SD card issue since latest update [Android]

    I use Samsung Galaxy S5, Android ver. 6.0.1, Foobar v1.0.71 lite (can't seem to confirm if it's actually the latest version, it's not written on the play store)

    Since it updated, it is having trouble with the SD card.

    There used to be two options I would often use:
    Music on Internal Storage (Which I started using because the option "Shuffle all tracks" doesn't actually include all track, whether they're inside the phone and all in the same folder, no idea why, no idea if it's been fixed since)
    Music on External Storage, which I started using after getting an SD card, I moved everything from the phone to the SD card.

    The option Music on External Storage completely disappeared and that is causing problems.

    I had to add the music folder in my SD card manually, and Foobar has been acting strange since then. It's often having to rescan what's in the folder, the lock screen "widget" often locks up having to have to go back to the program, which then stops playback temporarily. The program is also much slower and it seems it's taxing my CPU a lot lately, my battery life has decreased by a lot, chances are that it's constantly rescanning the folder or something.

    And that's about it. I can provide extra information if asked.

    Thank you.


    Just looked around and the solution found in this thread seems to fix the problem:
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    Re: SD card issue since latest update [Android]

    Yeah, clearly we need to keep the Storage Access Framework stuff disabled out of the box, it's proving itself to be more trouble than it's worth.

    Right now, "use old folder picker" toggle is the remedy for all these issues.

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