Hello everybody,

I'm an enthousiast Foobar2000 user for playing HiRes Multichannel music from my NAS via my pc on my audiosystem.
I also use it on my iPhone for listening. I love the sound quality and quite a few friends/collegues/familymembers enjoy their music with this wonderful app/program.
I know there is a version for Android mobile, however there seems to be no version for Android tv. I've recently aquired a nVidia Shield TV-box and would love to install Foobar2000 on it. I've been told the hardware is quite capable, so no issues there?!?. It's also quiet and doesn't use a lot of electricity, that's why I thought it to be an excellent choice for playing (hires MC) music.
Anyone that has any idea if or when Foobar2000 will be available for this platform?