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Thread: Upgraded to 1.0.71 > FB2K totally broken.

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    Upgraded to 1.0.71 > FB2K totally broken.

    Practically every option I try I get: "The folder is empty"
    The playlists work. But I only have one of those... Except that the files show no cover, even though have covers for them.
    If I play them from the library they do have covers.

    So apparently FB can't find the music folder on its own on the SD card anymore. It previously worked without a hitch.
    So I added it manually. (Note: It would be nice if the "x tracks, y albums" text would update during indexing, so that I know that it indeed finds stuff, without having to exit and re-enter.)

    So all the artwork pictures need to be re-loaded. It's rather slow and it looks quite ugly because the album titles overlap the previously loaded album's artwork before their album art is loaded.
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