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Thread: 10.0.71 playback and constant crashing..

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    10.0.71 playback and constant crashing..

    Nexus 5x here. Have been using foobar2000 mobile for about 6 months with zero issues until i received the 10.0.71 update.

    Now, upon playback, foobar will stop playing and drop me in the home screen after an average of 30 seconds. I can find it in the task list, and it will restart the track, then crash to the home screen and forget the position of the song..

    File format does not seem to matter. OpenSL on or off, headphones or not does not matter.
    Rebooted the phone, reinstalled foobar2000 mobile, and it's still doing it.

    The other inferior audio players work fine, but don't handle my video game music library..

    Any ideas?
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    Re: 10.0.71 playback and constant crashing..

    Thanks for the bug report.

    There has been a number of issues with the recent updates.

    First, I've given you access to beta versions. Opt-in to start receiving beta updates here - . If your email address used with Google Play is not the same as used to register here, please drop me a private message with the proper email address to add.
    The current beta - 1.0.78 - has quite a few bug fixes since 1.0.71, but I'm not sure if the issue you're experiencing can be attributed to something I've fixed already.
    Please try 1.0.78 and report if it's better/worse.
    If updating to 1.0.78 doesn't fix the problem, try disabling music folder indexing - you can keep a folder added but switch it "off" in the media library configuration, you can still browse your files by folder structure to start playing them.

    If the issue persists, I've uploaded an archive of old versions:
    These builds predate the recent problematic feature additions so they should work fine for you.
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