As we know, on the regular desktop F2K, we have the following playback order:

- Default
- Repeat (One)
- Repeat (All)
- Shuffle (tracks)
- Shuffle (albums)
- Shuffle (Folders)
- Random

However, in F2kM, we're missing "Random" which plays a Random song after the current one that can't be itself.
For those who don't know, Shuffle takes all tracks/album/folders and make a shuffled list of songs and start playing the first one in that non-visible list in order. Random does NOT makes such a list.

There is a few advantages that Random has over Shuffle:
- The list of music played in a row is truly up to randomness
- You don't need to reshuffle
- Even if a song played once, it could still be played again later (the bigger the library/playlist, the smaller the odds obviously)
- Makes a small selection of music endless since it can play a song twice as long as a song has been played in the middle (unless it's the only song).

However, there is one disavantage:
- Previous, unless the app is programmed to make a list of songs it played in memory, will rewind the current song but not possible to come back to previous songs.

Alright. That is all. (I hope I just didn't miss the feature lol)
Thanks for the great app!