foobar2000 for Android (up to b162) seem to have an odd practice with Various Artists.

It appears that any track that is tagged as a compilation (ID3v2.3 TCMP tag) is grouped under a special grouping "Various Artists." I think that this is the incorrect approach.

Firstly, will you include an option to disable the use of this special grouping? Generally, I only want what the publisher or I deem to be of various artists to be treated so.

Secondly, since all compilations are just compilations (meaning tracks compiled/derived from different canons/original issues), they can be of a singular artist (the majority, in my case) and from various artists. Consider a "greatest hits" compilation from a singular artist. Therefore, "compilations = various artists" would be inadequate.

I think albums for "Various Artists" should only include the following and with an option to opt-out of the scheme:
1) Tracks with the value of the "albumartist" tag regex match "^(various|various artists)$"; therefore fully user defined.
2) Additionally, if the value of "albumartist" tag does not regex match (a subset of) the value of the "artist" tag. May give false positives.
3) Additionally though a bit murky, if the "albumartists" tag is empty, and there is a mismatch between any two tracks in an album set. That is, in the database, flag the album as "various artists" when the value of the "artist" tag of track (i) and track (i+1) are not subsets of each other. Process intensive for large libraries if done at first run; use an ongoing background process.