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Thread: IOS Alpha testing

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    Re: IOS Alpha testing

    Woo! I'll keep checking back

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    Re: IOS Alpha testing

    When I transcode a file from lossless to mp3 and send it to my iPhone through foo_UPnP, the mp3 file that goes into the documents folder only shows up as file name. No album cover or tags show up, hence it doesn't appear in the normal Browse area. Is this normal behavior? The resulting mp3 file plays fine, though.

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    Re: IOS Alpha testing

    Working great so far, but when hooked up to my car's audio system through the USB ipod connection, everything plays fine (once I start fb2k the audio takes over from iTunes) but I'm unable to skip tracks using the car controls.

    Also, a home button would be nice, it's a pain having to skip back from so many folders.

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    Re: IOS Alpha testing

    First of all, thank for the iOS app. I was looking for along time that this happened! So I have no feedback so far, just want to thank you for the app!

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