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Thread: foobar2000 iOS m4a file

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    foobar2000 iOS m4a file

    Hi Guys

    I've encounter song which are m4a, whenever foobar2000 iOS app download the song into the phone it will convert to wav which the size is 10x bigger. Are there anyway to all foobar200 to play m4a file format as i would not want to waste the size of my mobile

    please advice

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    Re: foobar2000 iOS m4a file

    maybe see if you have play hi res audio on. go to Prefereces (COG)>Advanced Settings

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    Re: foobar2000 iOS m4a file

    Hi Little Nemo

    I think there are not activated. Please refer to the attachment. the m4a file on my storage shown 3.4MB, but when it download into the foobar2000, it converted into 34MB


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