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Thread: Browse Arrangement proposal

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    Re: Browse Arrangement proposal

    Advanced Search >> Album by Release

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    Re: Browse Arrangement proposal

    Request to be able to toggle completely removing album art from browser listing. (IE: A "detailed" style listing)
    Hate browsing for albums and having album art taking up some of the screen.

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    Re: Browse Arrangement proposal

    +1 for Bone_Enterprise's post:
    I understand many (most?) people do, but I never use album art, preferring a folder structure "Album List" view and a playlist view. A view with more detail/no art would be of great value to me.

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    Re: Browse Arrangement proposal

    I'd like to request an option for the opposite of bone_enterprises': when browsing albums, remove all text and simply have a grid of album covers.

    Quote Originally Posted by spoon View Post
    Advanced Search >> Album by Release
    to be clear, does this mean we'll have an option to have albums sorted by release year? because I very much want albums to be sorted chronologically.

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