That "request" is a bit specific, but is there a chance that Foobar2000 would support phones with more than one DAC ? For example, the LG V10 uses the Qualcomm DAC for standard operations, but a secondary DAC (ESS Sabre, far better sounding) can be activated at will.

The thing is, these DACs are generally poorly used: using all audio players (as far as I know), the audio gets downsampled to 48 or 44.1kHz and who knows what else. Poweramp has a beta feature called Hi-Res Audio Output which was supposed to partially correct this behaviour, but there are incompatibility problems with the latest android releases.

So is there any chance that foobar2000 would be able to address these secondary DACs directly and use them to their full potential (bit depth, frequency, ...) ?

Anyway, great work on the Android player !