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Thread: Android: now playing info outside FB

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    Android: now playing info outside FB

    Is there a way to show the now playing info outside Foobar?
    I.e. lock screen, screensaver, bottom of any screen, always on display.

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    Re: Android: now playing info outside FB

    What exact device are you using?

    We push our info through both Android notifications and RemoteControlClient/MediaSession, so you should be getting some form of lockscreen controls always.

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    Re: Android: now playing info outside FB

    Samsung A3, Android 6.0.1

    Yes, in fact I can see title and artist on the Always On Display, beneath the clock
    and the notification icons, but I was wondering if there was any sort of customization.
    And also, by now the info get truncated after 30 characters of the single line shown.

    Of course, the ability to choose which fields to show and some way to format them
    into some sort of a layout would be welcome.

    No FB controls on the AOD though.

    I read that this is a feature available only with Nougat on Samsung S8 family, by now.
    In that case, if you double tap the now playing info shown on the AOD, the player
    controls should appear.


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