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Thread: Cannot load skin

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    Cannot load skin

    Hi, sorry if my thread is obvious.
    I've read and followed all the threads in the skin subforum with no success.

    1. copy fbskin file to sd card (also tried phone's internal memory)
    2. choose skin
    3. add more / open
    4. select fbskin file

    After selecting the file, the app returns to the choose skin screen with no change at all. Nothing but the two default skins. No user skins found.
    This happens with all the examples in the skin subforum, even with the Spoon Test Skin.

    My phone is Lumia 640 LTE, with windows phone 8.1 update 2

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    Uninstall -> re-install

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    Thanks for your help Ken.
    The problem it's still there.
    I have tried uninstall - re install
    And uninstall -shut down the phone -re install.

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    Windows Phone 8.1 only?
    Android, iOS, Windows Desktop
    These will it work?

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    Windows 8.1 only.
    This weekenkd i will try it on my wife's phone (android).

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    On android it works perfectly.
    I don't know if it's a bug or something incompatible with my phone.
    Anyone with Windows phone 8.1?

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    Aun sigues con tu problema?? solo dale al icono de tools ahi elige choose skin y selecciona open el .fbskin debe estar en la sd del telefono buscalo donde lo tengas guardado y seleccionalo pero para que se note elcambio visual debes seleccionarlo el cambio es inmediato espero haber ayudado

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    Re: Cannot load skin

    I found a new version foobar mobile for MS WP8.1(Lumia & HTC M8 wp, WP8.1 with update 2) and updated it in App Shop.

    However,it failed loading 'Now Playing&' interface and a simple "Loading Skin" prompt is displayed. It's so difficult to control without Now Playing page.
    Also, custom skin is not able to add and load. I've tried to uninstall it, dowload and reinstall, but this didn't work.

    There's no such issue/bug in the old version but I can't go back to the old one because of WP limitation.
    How to solve this error? What a pity!!

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