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Thread: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

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    Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    Hello all,

    i really would like to see this feature, wich is common for hardware mp3 players, but hard to find in software solutions.
    Bookmarks are avaiable for the pc foobar via plugin. But for a mobile device this is much more of a problem and should be a core feature.
    When listening to audiobooks with hundreds of tracks, or 1h+ long tracks, remembering, scrolling and finding the last played position is frustrating.

    So i would like to see:

    * bookmarks for tracks (precise and multiple timecodes linked to an audio file, saved in the permanent "bookmark" playlist)
    * bookmarks for playlists (aka favourites, creating a "favourites" playlist on the fly)

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    Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    I'd like to second this request, and add an addendum that bookmarks also save the playback order when the bookmark was made.

    For example, I start playing an audiobook, and naturally, I want shuffle turned off. When I feel the need for music, I switch to music, and change to random playback. When I come back to my audio book, I go to the bookmark (often forgetting to turn shuffle off. If the bookmark doesn't save playback order, when I reach the end of the track, I'm suddenly jumped to another point in the book require a lot of time trying to figure out where I left off.

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    Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    BUMP, if feature has not been implemented yet ;-)

    If so, where is the option
    If not, something like the this plugin for PC

    where you have the option to
    "Bookmark last playback position"

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    Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    Bump, because another thread took it up, seems i am not the only one still wishing for this 4 years later... I will say please with sugar too

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    Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    +1 here.

    Would be very useful when I am hearing my Audiobooks.

    So long

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    Re: Bookmarks for long tracks and audiobooks

    My primary use is for audiobooks - so tedious without bookmarking features.
    Ideally, each book would have multiple bookmarks with the ability to manually set, and auto-set via sleep-timer (see request for sleep timer) or stop. With these options, my cup would overflow :-)

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