Just a minor nitpick here, but I've noticed that when browsing by "Album Artist / Album", the thumbnail next to the artist does not load in certain cases. I'm sure this isn't due to not having the album art, as I can browse by album and see that the album art is indeed present. This only seems to happen when browsing by "Album Artist / Album". I've noticed that this happens with all of my collaborative albums (in which case, I have multiple artists in the "artist" field). It looks like only the first name on the collaboration loads the appropriate album artwork. The rest of the names appear without artwork, unless I have a solo release in their name or another album in which they're the first tagged artist. For example, I have multiple albums on which "Han Bennink" appears, but when I browse to his name, there's no artwork thumbnail. Clicking on his name and viewing his associated releases works correctly (i.e., all albums load the correct album art).

I've also noticed that for split albums (in which case, I have single artists in the "artist" field and multiple artists in the "album artist" field), this problem doesn't apply: each artist displays the split album artwork regardless of whether they're the first or second entry in the field. I don't have any splits involving more than two artists, so I cannot speak for those cases.

I'm on Android, if that matters.