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Thread: Plugin Reveal - Audeze

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    Plugin Reveal - Audeze

    Hello good afternoon
    I have foobar 2000 and I listen to music with an Audeze plugin: (I pass the link)
    I installed it.
    By adjusting Mix and Gain, the software hangs up, does not respond.
    By default, Mix is &*8203;&*8203;100% and Gain is 100%.
    I can not change those values: Mix and Gain.
    could you help me?
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Plugin Reveal

    I listen to music with foobar 2000.
    I installed a plugin from a headset manufacturer.
    When I try to change Mix and Gain, the pc stays hung, does not respond.
    I've contacted the headset manufacturer.
    This is your answer:

    To adjust the Gain and Mix for Reveal in Foobar2000, open Preferences (ctrl+P), then go to Playback>DSP Manager and double click Reveal. You can then configure it by clicking the “Configure Selected” button. This will bring up the Reveal GUI window.

    Once the GUI is open, simply choose your headphone and adjust the dials accordingly:

    If you have further questions, we recommend visiting the online forum for Foobar2000 users here: There are also many tutorials online (including YouTube videos) that may help clarify for you.

    Could you tell me what to do?
    Thank you very much

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