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Thread: Return to track listing from "Now playing screen"

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    Return to track listing from "Now playing screen"

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if there is a shortcut that brings you from the "Now playing" screen (i.e., the screen that displays the album art, title, artist, , play/pause, next/previous track... etc) to the track listing of that album. I realized that you can swipe right from the now playing screen and it will bring you back to the app, but if you have navigated away from the track listing at all then it won't bring you to the track list. Is there a way to always get from the now playing screen to the track listing of that album?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Return to track listing from "Now playing screen"

    I join above.
    Was looking for this kind of thread, to avoid duplicate.

    Sometimes I simply can't find "where am I" when switching from "playback controls" to "browsing" and go somewhere deep inside my music library.
    Double click on bottom (or status ?) windows panel does the trick on PC.

    Things are not so traceless if I started playback from somewhere like "albums" or "artists", if I get lucky to recall where did I start I can navigate there and can see "now playing triangle" in the list of songs.
    But still can't add nothing from another location.
    And if it was "Shuffle all tracks" as the beginning of playback, it is no place to see list of what will be after next and how much songs is it to the end of now playing.

    From the very beginning of using foobar on Android I'm feeling luck of swipe left (to reach screen from the right) from "playback screen", to see something like "playback cue" playlist there.
    To make it more clear:
    Swiping left/right flips between the three screens (from left to right):
    now playing playlist (or playing cue, whatever)

    I wonder if willpro87 and me the only who need it?
    How do you folks manage your playing cue? eg remove couple of songs from coming up next, or do "play next" or "add to the end of cue" when found something in "browser"?

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    Re: Return to track listing from "Now playing screen"

    May be very useful... Another idea may be tu use an Internal playlist, like the Pc version!

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