I am new here, so hello to all,

When creating my music library, I choose to not embed the album cover in each song file to save space. Instead, I store a JPEG file within the album folder. Also, depending on the device I copy my music to, I choose a JPEG file with an optimized resolution.
Foobar2000 for Windows perfectly handles this external JPEG file and correctly displays the album picture when playing songs.
Being a fan of foobar on Windows, I decided to install foobar2000 1.0.91 for Android on my Huawey Ascend Y550 smartphone running Android KitKat 4.4.4 to give it a try, but foobar2000 is not able to display the album art cover. It displays its own default icon instead. Note that Android media scanner is able to create a thumbnail from the JPEG file and the album cover is correctly displayed by Google Play Music and various other music players like Apollo, Pulsar, Hi-Fi Cast, Bubble UPnP, etc.... What is wrong ?