Thanks for all the work on foobar2000 mobile! Great to see a portable player where everything just works! I do have a wish regarding the UI though. The default music player in the 6 year old Nokia N9 have some nice features I would love to see in foobar2000 mobile. Right now on the main screen while a song is being played, the album art take up half the screen and it's just there. You can't do anything with it, and I think it would improve the user experience if it did.

Slide album art to the left = Next Song
Slide album art to the right = Previous Song
Tap on the album art = Album art slides up out of view and show the playlist behind it.
Tap on the played song on the playlist = Album art slides back down
Tap on any other song on the playlist = Play that song
Scroll playlist up and down = Scrolls the playlist up and down

And since I'm using a Sony Xperia X with Sailfish OS, it would be great to see a Sailfish port of the foobar 2000 mobile, but I realise that's extremely unlikely at the moment since it's userbase is so small, and the high possibility of no dev having a Sailfish phone. And Sailfish is able to run Android apps (good thing it's possible to get a standalone APK) so it's not exactly a high priority, but still, it's slightly clunky.