Hi foobar mobile team,

I really like the player - it allows me to easily update my music library, in contrary to the builtin music player from iOS, which takes ages to sync. It has tons of features and it supports a lot of audio codecs. Thanks!

One property the builtin player does have, is that it resumes or starts audio playback after certain occasions. For example, the builtin player resumes playback after a phone call. In Foobar, I have to manually restart the music. This is quite inconvenient when I'm driving, as I don't want to use my phone during driving. Also, after a Siri request the audio does not restart automatically. And when I connect my phone using bluetooth or my cable (it docks as an iPad), I have to activate foobar.
So my question is: is it possible to make foobar resume or start the audio playback after the activities described above?

Thanks for taking this into consideration,