First issue: When playing music via Foobar in my car through an aux cable, the sound has very bad static.
This was happening in all my music apps until I turned on the "UHQ upscaler" in the sound quality and effects menu, and this fix works for google play music and pi music player, but not for foobar
This didn't happen with my LG G5 on foobar. I have tried TRRS 3.5mm cables, nothing works

Second issue: When I'm listening to music on headphones and receive a phone call, I unplug the headphones so I can speak over the phone. Then when the phone call ends, the music resumes over the speakers. This has also happened a few times just from unplugging headphones, where the music will continue playing through the speakers. I don't think this is supposed to be a feature, since all my other music apps pause the music under such circumstances