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    Select/play this folder

    Currently my music is organised in folders/directories, Music > Artist > Artist - Album

    It would be great to be able to select an artist / folder, and long press / hold then be able to play music from those folders and subfolders.

    At the moment, the menu has "delete, rename, decoding speed test, and create a new playlist", none of which are very useful to me.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I completely agree with this! Playing through folder browsing is my favourite way of playing music. Today I wanted to play a folder containing all music from 1 band, which has subfolders with the albums in it and the only options the player gave me were rename and delete.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I'd like to have this option too as i also manage my library by folders

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    Just wanted to add my vote, as I would really like this feature as well!

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I have LOVED, and I mean LOVED Foobar 2000 on both my mac and pcs. Yes, please! This is especially important to me because I not only play music from a folder but also use the folders to contain musical phrases and snippets that I use for a live performance. I used to do this with my ipod (gasp). I would a select a folder and it would randomly shuffle and play all the aufio files in a folder without gaps (if they were .wav files).

    Does anyone know how to enable gapless playback? Or is this automatic? I'm new to the app. I literally just started using it 20 minutes ago.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    +1 Please copy the options All Tracks and Shuffle present in "Album Artist/Album" to "Folders".

    alltracks-shuffle on folders.jpg

    And thank you so much for such amazing music player!

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    Quote Originally Posted by surasshu View Post
    Just wanted to add my vote, as I would really like this feature as well!

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