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Thread: Select/play this folder

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    Select/play this folder

    Currently my music is organised in folders/directories, Music > Artist > Artist - Album

    It would be great to be able to select an artist / folder, and long press / hold then be able to play music from those folders and subfolders.

    At the moment, the menu has "delete, rename, decoding speed test, and create a new playlist", none of which are very useful to me.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I completely agree with this! Playing through folder browsing is my favourite way of playing music. Today I wanted to play a folder containing all music from 1 band, which has subfolders with the albums in it and the only options the player gave me were rename and delete.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I'd like to have this option too as i also manage my library by folders

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    Just wanted to add my vote, as I would really like this feature as well!

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    I have LOVED, and I mean LOVED Foobar 2000 on both my mac and pcs. Yes, please! This is especially important to me because I not only play music from a folder but also use the folders to contain musical phrases and snippets that I use for a live performance. I used to do this with my ipod (gasp). I would a select a folder and it would randomly shuffle and play all the aufio files in a folder without gaps (if they were .wav files).

    Does anyone know how to enable gapless playback? Or is this automatic? I'm new to the app. I literally just started using it 20 minutes ago.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    +1 Please copy the options All Tracks and Shuffle present in "Album Artist/Album" to "Folders".

    alltracks-shuffle on folders.jpg

    And thank you so much for such amazing music player!

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    Hi all - This is my first post and have been a long-time user of FB2000 for my PC, but just got an Iphone and am in the process of configuring it. Got the wireless UPnP set up (very cool)...but, as all of you above have pointed out, I organize my music by folders (usually the album as I rarely download or rip single songs). However, when I try to download a folder as album (for example, Throbbing Gristle Live Whatever), Foobar often gives message "examining content" then "file not found," forcing me to download each track individually.

    Is there a way to now download each folder/album w/out having to d/l each song individually, or at least create a folder on my Iphone manually to download the individual tracks to?

    Since I'm new to this I may have overlooked something here at the forum, and I have done several searches in case I missed something, but I've found nothing.

    TIA to all and very happy to be a part of this community.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    That would be a great feature! That's what really missing from iOS version of Foobar.

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    Re: Select/play this folder

    Quote Originally Posted by surasshu View Post
    Just wanted to add my vote, as I would really like this feature as well!

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