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Thread: (android) widget, graphic equaliser, desktop-like visualisations

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    (android) widget, graphic equaliser, desktop-like visualisations

    Hello! I have been using the desktop FB2K for some time now (after doing some research about a replacement for Winamp, thinking it was the only truly good player. Turns out I was wrong haha). I recently acquired my first android phone and in the struggle to find a good music player, I decided to give FB2K mobile a try. Instant fave. Simple, feature packed, lightweight. You do an amazing job.

    So, about the ideas:


    my visualisations about this are 2 different versions.
    A standalone, small widget with album art, sliding info (artist - album - song - current position - total duration), basic control buttons and, maybe, a popping-up volume control (might be irrelevant, still not used to this system)
    A full desktop-panel widget that replaces the background with the album art (i noticed the album art at the locked screen background, nice touch!). Simple, low-footprint icons. Maybe the album art could slide slowly for avoiding pixelated images in low-res terminals (same goes for the locked screen background).

    -graphic equaliser (please)
    If it could import settings from files exported from the desktop FB2K, that would be nice too.

    also simple, maybe it could "work as the album art", replacing the background of the lock screen or the desktop panels. active only when they are visible so they dont waste battery.

    -"now playing" links
    direct links to a "now playing" screen. one at the root menu of the program and one as "tap function" of the mini player at the notifications bar (kind of irrelevant, but might be helpful).

    also, if you ever decide to make the program support multiple languages, i would gladly help with spanish.

    btw, i know that this might not be the place for the question, but where can i find information about donating?

    thanks for making the best music player ever. happy christmas!

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    Re: (android) widget, graphic equaliser, desktop-like visualisations

    I support the Android widget function because of how convenient it would be!

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    Re: (android) widget, graphic equaliser, desktop-like visualisations

    On attached picture you'll see the scrap of my android screen with VLC widget (4x1).
    I would be hapy to have the same for Foobar, which is my first player but I have to each time tap few times for any basic operation as start | stop | pause.
    Thanks in advance.

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