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    Browse by a custom tag

    Most of Indian music is film music and each song is written by a Lyricist and acted on the screen by an actor. So in my collection, songs have tags such as <LYRICIST>. <ACTOR>, etc. It would be great if we can 'browse' by LYRICIST, ACTOR, etc If not in the BROWSE menu, then at least in the 'ADVANCED SEARCH' menu. Also many of these Advanced search is irrelevant for me. So if we can go to a menu and enable/add whatever tags we would like to 'advanced search' on it would be great!

    Each film (album) has several tracks sung by different artists. Whenever I sort by album, it doesn't come up as one album with different tracks, but comes as many albums singer-wise. Any way to group albums by same name into one?


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    Re: Browse by a custom tag

    For album grouping, see my post here:*post3104

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